Thinkrolls Kings & Queens

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Version: 99.2.6
Last Update: October 17th, 2018
Requirment: 2.3.7 +




How install this APK:

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2- Install it and run
3- Enjoy !


Thinkrolls: Kings & Queens is an epic adventure game full of logic, physical phenomena and fun. Children play 228 puzzle games that help them improve their memory and problem solving skills.

The game is very comprehensive; castles, dragons, simple machines, physics, magic spells and some magic, everything!

The goal is simple: move, manipulate, and mix, clear the road, get the key, open the door and go to the next level.

There are exciting challenges waiting for you everywhere! A cool crocodile can be hypnotized by singing. Using reflective light to make a stupid ghost disappear. Collect delicious candy and precious stones, and enjoy the dragon in the castle. Win the crown, coronal headdress, beard, clothing and more noble accessories, create their own unique Thinkroll role.

Whether you’re in love with Thinkrolls 2 or just getting into the series, you’ll be delighted to kick off the fun ride to the Royal puzzle park.


Gear and rack: combined gear and rack, ladder and conveyor belt.
Boxes and bridges: bridges that fill gaps and collapse, open up roads.
Crocodile and Harp: hypnotic crocodiles with the music of harp
Ghost and mirror: moving mirrors, eliminating ghost with reflected light.
Skylight and lever: adjust lever, open and close skylight.
Flight potion: release the magic potion, get rid of gravity, and fly to the finish line.

Application characteristics

115 simple puzzle games for children aged 5-8 and 113 difficult puzzle games for children over 8
There is no time limit, no pressure. Play at your own pace.
Enhance logic, problem solving, memory and perseverance.
Super interesting physical phenomena: simple mechanics, force, tension, light reflection, etc.
Win gorgeous accessories and create your own Thinkrolls.
Build a lovely Thinkrolls library and use it in the game process.
Collect precious sweets and precious stones and feed them to the dragon.
Remove the frightening spiders and bats in the castle.
Support 6 different player roles.
Beautiful pictures, pleasant music and sound design.
Compliance with children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
An epic logic puzzle game for kids, packed with fun physics and science concepts
New => Minor improvements & fixes

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